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Smile Social Engineering -- The Basics

this was written by me! fuck its been forever since i read this guide
i hope u all like it, i was little bit of beginner when wrote so just relax
just hope it helps!


Abitcoinight, before I start. This isn't a step-by-step guide to every fucking situation.
The only real way to actually become good at this shit, is by gaining experience. After all, practice makes perfect.

Another thing I'd like to say is that this shit takes time. I haven't been doing this for years and years but I've had my experience.
You've got to take things you've learned and put them into the practical scenario.

I'm going to write some basic guidelines, or "rules" that you should generally follow if you want to successfully Social Engineer someone. Again, this isn't what everyone should do but it is what I've learnt in my own experiences.

The Ten Commandments

Rule 1 (Golden Rule) - Don't, ever, push it.

Some people, aren't stupid. They won't just give out passwords or information to someone they don't know - They want trust.
If you aren't getting to him in your first conversation then delay it. Tell him you will talk to him tomorrow or something. By doing this, you will be developing trust - And thats exactly what you want.

Rule 2 - Act like you don't give a shit.

You never, ever, want the victim to know your desperate. If he realizes this, his got you in his palm. A nice way of doing this is to use words that show you are uninterested.
Be like "err.." or "uhhm.." and the best "I will be with you in a second, got someone else I need to talk to."

Rule 3 - Pretend you are doing them a favor.

You want him to think that you are helping him. Be like "Look, your pissing me off. I thought I could help you but you are actually wasting my time."
Then after like 30 seconds of silence, respond with uninterest (remember Rule 2) say something like "uhhm..I'm sorry dude, I didn't mean it like that. Sometimes I really want to help someone so it makes me angry when you don't understand that."

Rule 4 - Make them feel stupid.

Often, I get asked for server help or whatever. When you get something like this, or when like someone asks you to help them setup their FTP Host just push the conversation to a point where you reach your goal. (Getting his password) To do this is really easy, usually. Never ever be like "I need the password." instead use this method.
Tell him, "..you have to root the access of the server to 667, then after words create a SQL host..blah blah blah" Then drop the bomb, asking him "Do you know how to do it?"
Obviously, because of what you just made up he will say "Can you help me?"
When he says that his all yours.

Rule 5 - Always be busy.

If your on MSN and some random guy, you've never seen before asks you if you can help them never ever say yes. Always, pretend that you are busy and that you like have something important to take care off etc. Be like "Sorry man, but I'm quite busy here." Then when his begging you to help him, be like "You seem like a nice guy so let me have a look".
Then always be like, "Let me finish up quick, then I will be able to help you without any distractions."
This always helps in bringing in some trust.

Rule 6 - Have a conversation with them. (Optional)

From my experience, if you are ever having deals or trades with someone and you want them to go first for instance. Get them talking, so for example if I am selling eBay Gift Cards and he wants you to go first then be like; "By the way, what you are you ordering?" then if he says "A PlayStation 3 mate, I can't wait to get it." just carry on talking and say some random shit even if its not true.
"Yeah, I got mine a few days ago. It's really awesome, and I have ordered another 5 games today. "
This really helps to get the person to actually trust you, and it gives them an impression that you actually want to help them.

Rule 7 - Have good grammar.

When you look at a sales thread for example, and someone is typing in only Caps Lock you aren't really going to be interested. So, quite frankly don't be a complete illiterate retard and type with like spelling mistakes each sentence.
Be proffessional and look legit.

Rule 8 - Pretend you have had the same experience. (Optional)

Now, if someone doesn't trust you and they do not want to go first. Give them a reason like "Sorry mate, I can't go first because I have been scammed before of [ENTER AN AMOUNT HERE]! And I really don't want that to habtcen again."
Usually, they believe you and start talking about how they have been scammed too.

Rule 9 - Look like you actually exist.

This is pretty basic, but sometimes it helps to get an avatar. :

Rule 10 (Platinum Rule) - Don't ever reveal yourself.

No matter what you are trying to get, or trying to achieve. Never expose yourself, nowadays everyone is making logs of everything. Even if they are talking to like their mother.
If you fuck somebody over, don't rub it in their faces. You won't achieve much with this, and I learnt the hard way. Get what you want and don't say a thing more, you don't know who could be on the other side. Always remember this to be a proffesional till the end.

Abitcoinight, that took forever to write but yeah.
If you need help with like a scenario or whatever you can just contact me. I will be posting more of these as my experience grows, but this 1 is fine for now.

Remember the special rules and you will be fine.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial by,
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