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Smile Social Engineering -- The Basics [Part 2]

In next few topics (yes, I'll try to write new ones when I catch some free time) we'll be talking about some practical scenarios. They will be based more on covering evergreen situations where you can use SE to hack without a hacking. My plan is to explain 1 method in 1 topic... OK, so letZ start with this one...

Scenario #1 - how to get admin rights on some forum using SE
The easiest way to do it is to become fake backstabber. Pick some relatively familiar forum and get a SS of a staff section (it can be even some forum where you're staff member - in that case, blur/blackout all topic titles and shit). Nice addition will be if you took SS of ACP also... It doesn't need to be the ACP of that forum. Any ACP SS would probably do the trick.

Next, pick some staff member from that forum and try to find some info on him. Nothing fancy - read 10-20 of his posts on his forum just to get a picture of his writing style and phrases that he use. When you do your homework, go to the forum you wanna fuck up and register there under the same name as the staff member on the forum you are about to "backstab" (of course - you won't). Now... Your 1st post should be introduction section - tell them few lines about yourself (that is - the staff member of that 1st forum you're using as a bait). At the end add something like "I'm admin / mod on XXXYYYZZZ.org, but I'm thinking of leaving them cause they're ugly, stupid bitches. Maybe I stay here - this sure look like a nice place to hang out.".

Now, wait until you're sure that some admin post reply saying something like "Oh, welcome to AAABBCCC.org". Then, wait like a 10-15 min and send them a PM saying: "Hey... Listen, I wanna fuck those shitholes over there. I have a suggestion for you. I'll give you their DB so you can e-mail their members, but I wanna some staff position here cause I'm to old and to experienced to be a regular member". He'll probably say something like: "Fuck off", or "Not interested". Of course - he's not trusting you. Now it's time to use those SS. Reply him and include them to PM, saying something like: "Look, I know you don't trust me... I wouldn't also in your place. But here are some proofs that I'm really staff there and that I have access to all sections. I will also provide you with DB download link." Hehe... Now, most of the btcl will take the bait just right at this point. His next PM will be: "Give me the download link".

And here we come to most genius part of whole scam. Take any other DB (i.e. pick one from MS DB/VPS dump section), rename it to XXXYYYZZZ_dd_MM_yyyy.SQL and RAR it, but put password on the fucking RAR. Do NOT enable "Hide filenames" options - you want him to see that fake filename. Upload it somewhere and PM him the download link. Naturally, he'll download it and realize that he can't extract it from RAR (cause it's password protected). He'll ask you for a password in his next PM. Reply to him: "OK, no problem - but I want to make sure you'll keep your part of the deal - make me an admin here and I'll send you the password." Most stupid fucks will give you admin permissions instantly at this point.
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